AUGUSTA – The Trust to Conserve Northeast Forestlands (TCNEF) has launched a new online safety and workers comp. compliance training program for loggers that will offer significant insurance savings for those businesses whose employees successfully complete the training.

Northeast (NE) Safe Logger is an entry level program created by loggers for loggers. Affordable, efficient and relevant, it will allow participants to obtain the discounted “certified logger” rate for workers’ compensation insurance in the state of Maine. The program is being launched in Maine first, and will be expanded to other Northeast states in the future.

NE Safe Logger will offer 16 hours of interactive online training available on a computer, tablet or smart phone that can be completed at the user’s own pace anytime day or night. The training can be saved and restarted at any time during a 14-day training period. 

Topics covered in the training include:

•Bloodborne Pathogens
•Red Cross CPR/AED/First Aid
•Fire extinguisher safety
•Fire Safety
•Hazard Communication
•Hearing Conservation
•Industrial Ergonomics
•Materials Handling
•Sexual harassment
•Hand and portable powered tools
•Daily Inspection of mandatory PPE, ROPS / FOPS, Seatbelts •Walking and working surfaces
•Serviceable condition
•Mounting steps and handholds
•Separation of operations
•Visual or audible communications between employees •Overhead electric lines
•Environmental conditions
•Safety and health hazards
•Flammable and combustible liquids
•Lock Out / Tag Out for logging equipment

The “certified logger” rate for workers’ compensation insurance in Maine offers significant savings. Companies should contact their insurance company directly for more information.

The cost for an individual to enroll in the training is $100 if they are an employee of a Northeast Master Logger Certified company, $150 if they are an employee of a member company of the Professional Logging Contractors (PLC) of Maine, and $300 for all others.

The initial credential provided by successful completion of the training is good for two years. To obtain requalification for an individual, the individual must work for a Northeast Master Logger Certified company and must submit proof of completion of one of several approved requalification training programs to the TCNEF. Companies may contact TCNEF for more information on becoming a Master Logger Certified company.

Companies may choose to enroll an employee in additional training on topics that are not covered in the initial training or on a topic that the employee may need additional training on. These courses may qualify for the OSHA “training” standard – 1910.266(i) – (Training of an employee due to unsafe job performance, or assignment of new work tasks, tools, equipment, machines or vehicles) and may be used toward requalification.

If an employee has already gone through an entry level training program and needs assistance with a subject, companies can also buy access to one course at a time. Companies may contact the TCNEF for a list of over 400 additional topics.

For more information on NE Safe Logger go to, email: or call 207-688-8195 opt. 2. To enroll in the program, go to

The Northeast Master Logger Certification Program was created in 2001 by the Professional Logging Contractors of Maine (PLC) as the first in the world point-of-harvest certification program, offering third party independent certification of logging companies’ harvesting practices. In 2003, the Professional Logging Contractors of Maine created The TCNEF to administer the program with the broader goal of “enhancing the health of working forest ecosystems through exceptional accountability” throughout the Northern Forest region.

In addition to administering the Master Logger program, TCNEF administers a Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)®-certified group of family forest landowners throughout New England and New York. Under this arrangement forest landowners can inexpensively gain access to FSC® group certification.

TCNEF also administers an FSC®-certified group of Chain of Custody that provides an information trail, established and audited according to rules set by FSC®, for Master Loggers and wood products companies to ensure that wood comes from certified forests.

In November 2019, the TCNEF was named a recipient of a 2019 Leadership Award from the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) for its work administering the Northeast Master Logger Certification Program and managing an FSC®-certified group of family woodlands.

For more information on the Northeast Master Logger Certification program or TCNEF, contact Ted Wright at (207) 688-8195 opt. 2 or Additional information is also available at