For Loggers:

Master Loggers are SmartLogging Certified    

The Northeast Master Logger Certification Program (NEMLC) is the first third-party harvest certification program in the world and also earned the first SmartLogging certification through Preferred by Nature. As a part of maintaining this recognition, NEMLC is audited annually by the Rainforest Alliance to ensure continued compliance with a rigorous set of environmental and social standards. SmartLogging is intended to complement Forest Stewardship Council (FSC®) certification and recognize responsible harvesting practices. Harvesting companies that meet the NEMLC standards will also meet the SmartLogging requirements. The Trust to Conserve Northeast Forestlands (TCNF) pursued SmartLogging certification as a way to increase overall credibility of the NEMLC program by subjecting TCNF policies and procedures to a credible third party review. This certificate also establishes the NEMLC program in the global marketplace by demonstrating practices that meet an international standard in an increasingly international system of commerce. Rainforest Alliance brings this global recognition to the NEMLC program and ensures that as similar harvest certification programs are created around the US there is an established precedent for a high standard of timber harvesting practices.  Master Logger Certification has it’s own dedicated web page-

2022 Smart Logging Annual Report