How does a user enroll in the initial training?

An individual or company can enroll a participant online at www.tcnef.org or on a paper form that will be submitted to the TCNEF. An individual or their employer will be invoiced by email and will pay by check or credit card before a user is activated on the program.


How long is the initial credential good for?

Any individual may take advantage of this training and obtain the certified workers compensation rate for the initial two years.


How does a participant apply for TCNEF requalification at the end of the initial two years?

To obtain requalification for an individual, the individual must work for a Master Logger Certified company and must submit proof of attendance to one of the approved requalification training programs to the TCNEF.

Companies can contact the TCNEF for more information about becoming a Master Logger Certified company.


What training programs or courses does the TCNEF accept for requalification for employees who work for a Master Logger Certified company?

  • NE Safe Logger initial training
  • Professional Logging Contractors of Maine
  • CLP
  • Safety Works
  • Companies may submit alternative training for re-qualification approval

What happens if the individual does not work for a Master Logger company at the end of the two years?

  • The individual would no longer be eligible for the certified logging rate under the TCNEF
  • The individual may contact another training program to get requalified

If a user has experience, can he or she test out of the training?

There is no “test out option”. The course is designed to meet the OSHA insurance standard which requires 16 hrs. of initial training.


How long does a user have to complete the course?

Users have two weeks (14 days) to complete the initial training. If additional time is needed, please contact staff at the TCNEF.


Can users stop in the middle of the training and go back to it later during the 14-day training period?

Yes, there is a red bar across the top that reads “Save & Close”. Users must use this button every time they exit the training.


How does the CPR, AED and First Aid training work with hands-on training?

The CPR, AED and First aid training is online only.  The employee should enroll in a full hands-on course as soon as they can or with the rest of your company when you normally would do one. The online training gives the new employee an introduction on what to do if an emergency happens on the jobsite.


If the user has a current CPR, AED and First aid training, do they need to take the online portion?

Yes, a review is beneficial, and it is part of the initial training and qualification.


How long does it take to finish the training?

The training is designed to be 16 hours, but it could take more or less time depending on the individual.