Trust to Conserve Northeast Forestlands wins 2019 FSC Leadership Award!

The Trust to Conserve Northeast Forestlands (TCNEF) has been named a recipient of a 2019 Leadership Award from the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) for its work administering the Northeast Master Logger Certification Program and managing an FSC-certified group of family woodlands. The awards were presented in conjunction with the 2019 Greenbuild International Conference and Expo, where President Barack Obama gave the keynote address.

An FSC Leadership Award is a prestigious honor, bringing international recognition and visibility to a recipient. TCNEF was among 13 recipients this year. Past recipients have included The Nature Conservancy, Proctor & Gamble, The World Wildlife Fund Global Forest and Trade Network, and Staples, Inc., among many others. FSC Leadership Awards celebrate forest owners, builders, architects, retailers, paper mills, manufacturers, environmental organizations and many others who contribute to the movement toward responsible sourcing and forest management. Learn more…

For Loggers:

Master Logger Certification

The Northeast Master Logger Certification Program (NEMLC) is the first third-party harvest certification program in the world and also earned the first SmartLogging certification through the Rainforest Alliance.  Rainforest Alliance brings this global recognition to the NEMLC program and ensures that as similar harvest certification programs are created around the US there is an established precedent for a high standard of timber harvesting practices.

For Landowners:

Forest Management Certification -FSC®

TCNEF administers an FSC®-certified group of family forest landowners throughout New England and New York. Under this arrangement forest landowners can inexpensively gain access to FSC® group certification. TCNEF is the administrative body that holds the FSC certificate and has overall responsibility for compliance with the FSC® Northeast Regional Standard. Forest Stewardship Council (FSC®) Group Forest Management Certificate (RA-FM/COC-001881)

For Forest Industry:

Chain-of-Custody Certification -FSC®

TCNEF administers an FSC®-certified group of Chain of Custody that provides an information trail, established and audited according to rules set by FSC, for Master Loggers and wood products companies to ensure that wood comes from certified forests.  Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) group chain of custody certificate (RA-COC-001677).

The Process of Certification:

  We can help!

   The Trust provides assistance to companies/foresters/loggers/forest products industry seeking group chain    of custody or Forest Management certification.

   This includes:

  •   Guidance in the selection of a certification system that fits your company
  •   The development and documentation of your certification system
  •   Conducting a risk assessment
  •   Training your staff for their certification responsibilities
  •   Developing tools for maintaining your certification system
  •   Preparing your company for certification audits and assessments.

    The Trust is experienced with Forest Stewardship Council (FSC®), Sustainable Forest Initiative (SFI) and Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC) chain of     custody certification.

    For more information contact Ted Wright at, or by phone at 207-688-8195 option 2.

The Trust To Conserve Northeast Forestlands

The Trust to Conserve Northeast Forestlands (TCNEF) is a 501(c)3 organization formed by the Professional Logging Contractors of Maine in 2003 to administer the Northeast Master Logger Certification program, Forest Management Certification and Chain of Custody Certification with the broader goal of:

Enhancing the health of the working forest through exceptional accountability